My Interview with a Jewish Friend

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Introduction of the religion
The religion I decided to do this interview on is Judaism. I have always been interested in this religion and was ready to learn more. One of the three great monotheistic world religions, Judaism began as the faith of the ancient Hebrews, and its sacred text is the Hebrew Bible, particularly the Torah. Fundamental to Judaism is the belief that the people of Israel are God's chosen people, who must serve as a light for other nations. God made a covenant first with Abraham, then renewed it with Isaac, Jacob, and Moses. The worship of Yahweh (God) was centered in Jerusalem from the time of David.

The destruction of the First Temple of Jerusalem by the Babylonians (586 BC) and the subsequent exile of the Jews led to hopes for national restoration under the leadership of a messiah. The Jews were later allowed to return by the Persians, but an unsuccessful rebellion against Roman rule led to the destruction of the Second Temple in AD 70 and the Jews' dispersal throughout the world in the Jewish Diaspora.

Rabbinic Judaism emerged to replace the temple cult at Jerusalem, as the Jews carried on their culture and religion through a tradition of scholarship and strict observance. The great body of oral law and commentaries were committed to writing in the Talmud and Mishna. The religion was maintained despite severe persecutions in many nations.

Two branches of Judaism emerged in the Middle Ages: the Sephardi, centered in Spain and culturally linked with the Babylonian Jews; and the Ashkenazi, centered in France and Germany and linked with the Jewish culture of Palestine and Rome. Elements of mysticism also appeared, notably the esoteric writings of the Kabbala and, in the 18th century, the movement known as Hasidism. The 18th century was also the time of the Jewish Enlightenment, or Haskala. Conservative and Reform Judaism emerged in 19th-century Germany as an effort to modify the strictness of Orthodox Judaism.

By the end of the 19th century Zionism had appeared as an outgrowth of reform. European Judaism suffered terribly during the Holocaust, when millions were put to death by the Nazis, and the rising flow of Jewish emigrants to Palestine led to declaration of the State of Israel in 1948. The interview location

I placed the interview with an indivual (who wishes to remain nameless) at the Jewish Federation Of Central Alabama. They have only a post of box and it is P.O. Box 20058 Montgomery, AL 36120. Interview Summary

I went through a lot to actually be able to have an interview with someone from this organization. I was defiantly aiming for a face to face interview. I did finally receive that. The person whom I interviewed was very opened minded and did not mind discussing his religion with me. In fact he stated that it is his mission in life to help others now the depth and greatness of his religion. I was able to learn so much information from this kind gentleman that I interviewed. He was so kind and informative. I have always been a little opened minded about different religions. But he really broadened my few of what the Jewish life is really like. I honestly believed that I was going to have a very great time interviewing this gentleman and I did succeed in that. He taught me more in depth of Judaism. We talked so much and he taught me so many things that I had to sum it up in my question list. I was very comfortable and asked him my list of questions. As follows: 1.Were you born into this religion or did you choose it later on in life? Answer: I was born in this religion but I also choose it later in life. If you can imagine, throughout life I have had trails that tempted to swayed different ways. But I remained a proud Jewish man who is very strong in my faith. 2.What principles is your religion based on?

Answer: Let see, I can some our beliefs up like this: the unity of God, God’s concern for humanity,...
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