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My Interview with Einstein

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My Interview with Einstein

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  • October 1999
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My Interview With Einstein

Me: Hello Mr. Einstein.

Einstein: Hello Mr. ????? (in strong german acent).

Me: I heard that you absolultly sucked at that true???

Einstein: Well, when I was a child I constintly failed my math classes. However after I got into higher level mathematics I found it easier...i still don't do incredibly well in math however (in strong german acent).

Me: ok...enough small for the big question.

Einstein: what would that be??? (in strong german acent).

Me: What the hell does E=MC² mean!!!??

Einstein:'s how it goes. E represents Energy, M represents Mass, and C represents the speed of light. So E=MC² means Energy=Mass * the speed of light to the second power (or squared). (in strong german acent).

Me: I wish i could say i i understand it , but now i only know what it represents.

Einstein: Well that equation is very theoretical. Unfortunately i can not test it out to see if i am correct (in strong german acent).

Me: Why?

Einstein: Cause i can't travel the speed of light. (in strong german acent).

Me: What does that have to do with it???

Einstein: Have you listened to a word i said??? (in strong german acent).

Me: Of course (looking very suspisious and guilty).

Einstein: Yea..i'm sure you were (in strong german acent).

Me: Oh look at the time...i better get going (looking at a wrist with no watch on it)

Einstein: Please don't go! It is very lonely being dead (in strong german acent). .

Me: Well listen you have your people call my people and we'll talk...ok???

Einstein: Ok ok...bye (in strong german accent)

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