My Interview to My Very First Patient as a Nursing Student

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My reflection for 1st PCP visit
Recently, I have completed the very first visit for the Patient Care (Feel Link) Project (PCP). The story of Mr Yung, the patient whom I visited, does reveal a less familiar side of the lives of chronic health patients. Giving is receiving. The visit not only provides me with a precious opportunity to care for the people in need, but it is also very enlightening and deepens my understanding about the profession.

I am assigned to work with a MBBS year 1 student for the whole project. We visited Mr. Yung at Ruttonjee Hospital on 23rd February, 2011. He is a patient who suffers from chronic asthma, GI impairment and allergic rhinitis. He has also undergone several major operations and these operations bring him numerous long-term defects, ranging from failing to have normal solid food intake to receiving long-term drug treatments. Not difficult is it to imagine he leads an inconvenient life because of his chronic illness. I do feel greatly compassionated and empathetic towards his pain. This visit is a precious experience that I can have never come across during lectures, so I cherish this visit much.

Throughout the whole visit, Mr. Yung emphasized that he was extremely impoverished and begged us to help him seek help from social workers to ease his financial difficulties. I believe he does not receive sufficient help form the health care professionals, and so he has no choice but to ask us to refer his financial need to the social workers. He told us he was extremely depressed because his senior allowance was not enough to support his vast medical expenses. It is expectable that Mr. Yung could have received more effective treatments and medications with a considerable financial ability. Melancholy and depression achieve nothing but only contribute to deteriorating Mr. Yung’s chronic illness. Social workers shall spare no endeavors to take care of chronic patients like Mr. Yung as they ‘assist people to adjust to the changes...
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