My Interview Essay on Techelle James

Topics: Sitting, The Color Purple, Alice Walker Pages: 1 (485 words) Published: May 16, 2013
My interview essay on Techelle the amazing James.
The person I interviewed was Techelle Evans. Techelle James is a sixteen year old junior and was born on January 30th 1996. She is the eldest of three girls, her mother is from here St.Thomas USVI and her father is from Africa and has two pet dogs. I realized that Techelle plays shy in class but in reality she is actually noisy, full of life and fun to be around. She acts shy by sitting over there in that dry dusty area were she pretends to be in her own world. As she sits in her dried up chair she stares out at the morning sky and wonder about the different personalities that roams the class. I often sit and wonder why is she so quiet but then as I interviewed her I realized that Techelle isn’t as quiet as she seems to be in class. As I interviewed Techelle I couldn’t help myself but to notice that she is also a very interesting person in her own special way and what makes her even more interesting is that she is starting to discover her inner self. Techelle started playing volleyball last year and has grown to love it as being one of her favorite sports to play. Techelle likes to watch a television show called castle, her favorite movies to watch are the help and Madea’s big happy family, her favorite actors are Will Smith and Denvil Washington, she likes R&B gospel music, loves the color purple, her favorite book is Begging for Change, her favorite subject is biology because she likes to dissect things and she eats jus about anything. She dreams about having her own business and graduating from college. Her bucket list is full of things to do such as sky diving, para shooting, flying an airplane, getting a monkey and she even wants to be a pole dancer just for one night. Her most embarrassing moment was when she got a ball kicked in her face. A little known fact about Techelle is that she pretends to be shy. If Techelle could meet anyone and sit down to hang out with to see what they are really like would be...
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