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My Inspirational Getaway

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My Inspirational Getaway

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  • August 2010
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My Inspirational Getaway
Everyone has a special place where they can go and disconnect from their everyday routine. Some people like to lay out in a park with a great book, while others rather stay home and watch their favorite movie on that great couch in the living room. Although everyone’s idea of relaxation may differ, there is one thing everyone can agree on, that special place where you feel at home without taking into account the situation you may be in, is exactly where you want to be to unleash. This special place for me is definitely the beach. The beach is a place that takes me back to my childhood, which helps me relax and admire the beauty of nature without having to worry about anything that may be going on; it is my complete disconnection from ‘life’.

When at the beach, I am reminded of my tropical island of Cuba, a place I keep very close to my heart. Even though it has been over 12 years since I have lived there, whenever I see the sunset disappear into the fire orange reflection of the sun against the ocean, I cannot help but transport myself to the days and nights that I would sit by the ocean and enjoy an evening of laughter and fun with my childhood friends and family. The vision of the palm trees dancing to the same beat as the wind gusts brushing my face brings me to one of the most relaxing states I can possibly encounter. I still vividly remember when my father would grab the piles of seaweed and shake them, in order for me to see the little shrimp that would hide in there. Although I cannot return to those days, I can always sit on a blanket of sand full of gorgeous sea shells and transport myself mentally to those days where my family felt complete.

Another one of the greatest forms of relaxation from the beach comes to me through the admiration of nature. There are so many different ways to admire the beauty of nature, beginning with the smell of the ocean water and the waves crashing against the sand that creates that...

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