My Insight on “Flight” by Sherman Alexie

Topics: Foster care, Youth detention center Pages: 2 (737 words) Published: February 21, 2013
Danielle Henderson
Lamar 1101
Ms. Comer
November 13, 2012
My Insight on “Flight”
Flight by Sherman Alexie was an empowering novel about a boy, named Zit, who in my opinion never experienced true love. He learned how to shut down and not feel any type of emotion. He learned that if you don’t love anybody then they wouldn’t be able to hurt you, if you don’t give your trust to people they wouldn’t be able to deceive you. Zit is fifteen and for the past nine years he has from careless family member house to thoughtless foster homes. His mother who was Irish American died when he was only six years old from cancer and Zits father who was Native American, left when he was born. At the beginning of the novel he describes himself as “a blank sky, a human solar eclipse,” he felt he didn’t belong to anyone and nobody belonged to him. He had stayed with his aunt and her abusive boyfriend after his mom passed away but ran away from there and got involved in risky behavior such as drinking heavily, smoking, stealing cars, and often finding himself in a juvenile detention centers.

While living with his twentieth foster home Zit is arrested for shoving his foster mother. While in jail he meets a white kid named Justice. Justice is seventeen and very smart for his age. Since this is Zits first friend, he forms a very trusting bond with him. Justice is very influential and Zit and he discusses different topics and start to hangout. Justice gives Zit a paintball gun and a real gun, and persuades Zit to shoot a bank up. After he starts shooting in the lobby of the bank, Zit think he has been shot, which make him go back in time. As he time travel Zit alters into varies historical characters. As he time travels Zit learns a valuable lesson from each event.

One of the Journals that really made me think was the one where we had to write about the theme of the novel. I think the theme of the book is adolescence, violence, and morality. In the book Zit is a troubled teen...
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