My Impossible Dream

Topics: Mind, Psychology, 2001 albums Pages: 1 (429 words) Published: July 18, 2012
Vincent M. Pico BSIT – IV

My Impossible Dream

Dreams are just like flowers, we can't imagine our life without and as such we have to take care of just as we do with flowers to grow up as we want. Every one in this life has his own dreams and I am the one who has a lot of dreams and I would like some of my dreams to come true one day. Despite all of us had a dreams, the hindrances to make our dreams came true are dreams for us maybe passive, it is only in our imagination and it is unreachable and we give up so easily. In the first place, I have enjoyed creating my own dreams. My dreams are astonishing. I’ve imagine to went back in the past, struggling with the dinosaurs, save my princess in the castle from the fire dazzling dragon and became a dragon slayer. Who can resist pursuing my dreams? If my dreams are not astonishing, it’s quite brilliant in the ancient times. I love swaying my sword fighting against evil sorcerers and wizards. Riding horses with a bow on my back attacking the enemy together with my troops. Contrary with this dreams, this like of dreams are just only created by my imaginative thoughts with my mentality or way of thinking. These kinds of dreams are cannot be come true at all. In the second place, dreams can be real. Unlike the imaginative, dreams can be happened. One of my dream is to take a trip around the world, so that I would be able to get knowledge, facts and insight about that an unknown world for me. I know that it is impossible to happen right now because I was still studying, but I believe in God's power that dream can be able to turn possible when I’ve finished my studies. Lastly, dreams might be happen upon the person’s act. Just as of me, if I am not pursuing my dreams, it would not possibly happen. It’s just like a bubble that will vanish away. Dreams would be possible when you really meant it to happen and you do your part as an ingredient of your dreams. I will focused with my subjects and leave those unnecessary...
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