My Immortal: Getting over a Betrayal

Topics: Emotion, Love, Fallen Pages: 2 (559 words) Published: December 12, 2011
Kelley Smelser
Ms. Hall
ENGL 1010-C21
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14 November 2011
My Immortal: Getting over a betrayal
There are times when an individual loses a person someone close to them, and they start to blame themselves for the loss of that person such as a parent, spouse, child, grandparent, and a boy/girlfriend. “My Immortal” by Evanescence is a song about that unbearable pain of loss and feeling of guilt and betrayal. This song brings forth a feeling of that even though a loss of a loved one is a heart wrenching experience there is nothing a person can do to change the outcome of what has happened.

“My Immortal” seems to be more about losing one's own sense of identity and self-worth due to the loss and/or betrayal of a loved one than about the actual loss of the loved one:
These wounds won’t seem to heal/ This pain is just too real/There’s just too much that time cannot erase (7-9)
By the end of the song, the survivor of the story is emotionally drained and paralyzed with the fear by the memory of the betrayer. The survivor of the incident just wants those memories of hurt and betrayal to go away. This pain is felt in the opening stanzas of the song.

And if you have to leave/I wish that you would just leave/Your presence still lingers here/ And it won’t leave me alone (3-6).
The theme of “My Immortal” is the struggle of trying to get rid of the feeling of betrayal and of guilt. The betrayer has hurt or betrayed her in a way that she can never recover from the emotional damage.

You used to captivate me/ By your resonating light/ Now I’m bound by the life you left behind (14-16)
For the rest of the girls’ life, she will be imprisoned by him. She sacrificed everything for him. After years of being together, he throws everything she has done for him back in her face. She know feels like that she will never be free of him

Your face it haunts/My once pleasant dreams (15, 16)
The effect of this song brings forth many...
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