My Imaginary Trip Around the World

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My Imaginary Trip Around the World

By | March 2011
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If someone offered to pay all my expenses for a month's holiday anywhere in the world, I would feel very surprised and excited. It would be difficult to decide where I wanted to go. Should I go to one place or lots of different places? If I went to one country, I could see and understand a lot about it. If I went to lots of countries, my holiday would be more interesting and more exciting. I think I would decide to fly around the world and to visit three different countries. The countries I would visit would be Australia, the United States of America and Kenya. If I went to Australia, I would stay there for about two weeks. I am sure it would be very interesting to visit a country which is so different from my own. Before I went there, I would write one of my Australian friends. I would suggest that if it were possible, he should spend a week with me visiting Aboriginal tribes in the northern part of Australia. I would really like to find out how the Aboriginal people live in Australia today. My friend could explain what we saw and he could translate what people said because he majored in Aboriginal studies at Queens land University. While I was visiting Australia, I hope I could also see some of the large cities, such as Sydney and Melborne. If I went to the United States I would stay there about a week. I expect I would start by visiting New York. I have heard that New York is a very exciting city. I imagine that there are lots of interesting things tourists like very much, that the buildings are greatly out of the ordinary and that the food is very varied. After I had stayed two or three days in New York, I would fly to San Francisco. I hope I could stay with my relations who live there and I would visit the city and other parts of California. Finally, I would fly to Kenya where I would stay for about a week. There are three things I would like to do in Kenya. First, I hope I could visit the coast because I would like to see the old Arab cities and enjoy the...

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