My Idiolect: the Influence

Topics: Family, Dialect, English language Pages: 3 (1173 words) Published: December 12, 2012
Explore some aspects of spoken language used in your home
My idiolect is intensely influenced by the individuals who reside in my house or visit regularly. This happens because I have been with them most of my life so I pick up some language techniques they use. I belong to a family of five; my mum, dad, older brother (Alex), little sister (Daniella). My aunty, whose name is Kenny, lives in my house frequently and various other aunties and uncles visit if we’re are celebrating or just to have a little catch up with what has been going on in family affairs. My family originates from Nigeria, therefore, the native language; Yoruba is spoken and integrated with the English language. No one in my family lacks the ability to converse in English fluently. Field-specific lexis

My family is multilingual; two main languages are spoken in my home; English and Yoruba. Since our family originates from Nigeria, my mum and dad fiercely insist their offspring at least understands the language if it’s spoken to us so we can respond. I assume they do this because they don’t want to be shown up by their relatives if we don’t know the “family language”. Ergo, the Yoruba language is spoken at home; however, it is mostly spoken by my parents. I do understand the language; however I cannot speak it confidently. If perchance relatives decide to visit our humble abode, the dialect code switches to Yoruba, fundamentally the adults begin to speak Yoruba rather than English. I consider this happens because my parents want to make them welcome and free in our house. Occasionally, during intense conversation or spontaneous ones the language does seem to shift between the native language and English. I imply this happens because they are some things the relatives and my parents feel they can’t explain themselves in English so they refer to Yoruba. This happens predominantly when they are using old African riddles to advise my siblings and me or telling a joke to a friend. In addition, it...
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