My Ideal Techer

Topics: Comedy, Humour, Humor Pages: 3 (908 words) Published: November 21, 2011
A teacher needs to help children learn. With an ideal teacher you’ll find that you have learnt something new at the end of every lesson. To do this, they must have a zest for their subject and teaching. Making children learn is easier than it sounds and a teacher will need many skills and the right personality.

There is nothing worse than a monotonous, droning voice on a Monday morning or, in fact, at any time. I find that I learn more when the teacher has a pleasant voice. My last teacher at primary school had a very pleasant voice to listen to. Even with a good voice, I feel teachers shouldn’t talk too much because telling doesn’t mean learning. For example, I hate dictation work because you are not thinking yourself or learning anything! A good teacher will always give you an opportunity to discuss and air your thoughts.

School can be a lot of obstacles for children to tackle. Some children find it more difficult to learn than others or have social problems. They may be bullied or criticised. Some children also have family problems and some don’t speak much English. That’s why teachers should understand and respect children because they might have gone through a lot of suffering. It shouldn’t matter who the child is, whatever their race or background, a good teacher should never be prejudiced. They should give all children the same chance to learn. A good teacher is inclusive. My favorite teacher, Mr. Choueke, was never biased and was always kind, understanding and respectful of children. This made everybody feel happy, comfortable and confident.

However, just being kind wouldn’t work because we would be able to murder someone right under the teacher’s nose! All teachers need to be strict, even if it’s just a little bit. Otherwise the class would be too disruptive and no one would be able to learn. The teacher should make sure that everyone has the “freedom of speech” when the time is right. However, too much freedom might lead to anarchy! There...
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