My Ideal School

Topics: Education, Teacher, Learning Pages: 4 (1847 words) Published: March 30, 2013
Student Teaching Reflection
When I first thought about student teaching, I went through many emotions. It started with excitement because that meant I was that much closer to graduating. I had so many questions running through my mind. What will my teachers be like? Will the faculty be supportive? With all these questions, I started to feel intimidated by what was soon to come. I was worried that my teachers and I would not get along. I was terrified that my students would not understand me. What was I going to do if I was not able to be the kind of teacher I had hoped I would be? When the time came for me to begin my student teaching, all I could do was hope and pray that things went smoothly. I soon found out that any worries I had were no longer an issue. I was placed at a school that was filled with caring and supportive people. If I had a question, they had an answer. If they did not know, they found someone who did. Even the teachers that I had no contact with were there to make me feel comfortable and respected. My cooperating teachers sat down with me and helped me reflect on how I was doing. I was expecting to get along with my students and my cooperating teachers, but my experience went above and beyond any expectations I had in the beginning. I learned more than ever imagined I would! I have come to realize I could not have had a better student teaching experience than the one I had at Shield Institute. My first placement was in a kindergarten Autism unit. I had two students who stayed with me all day. These two were my more severe cases. The six other students I worked with were in regular education classrooms. These students were high functioning and came in throughout the day. We did activities revolving around social skills and communication. My main objective for these students was to enable them to effectively communicate with others around them. This class was unlike any other I had observed. These students were very intelligent, but lacked...
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