My Ideal House

Topics: Amazon Rainforest, South America, Brazil Pages: 2 (535 words) Published: February 17, 2013
An Unforgettable Experience

Has anyone, being in another country? Imagine being in a different place enjoying another culture and language. Exploring a new territory is a pleasant experience. Visiting another country brings knowledge, inspiration, and entertainment. It makes people want to know more and more about another culture. Traveling is a mélange of spice notes that conjure up aromatic delights of the world street markets and history. Being in another country is an unforgettable experience. First, going to many places explore new lands, new words, new people, walking the streets of the historic section of the city, learning about the past, how they survive the passing of the years how they evolved. Since ancient times, traveling to other lands haven been part of every culture because it provides the feeling of freedom, power, and liberation. For example going to South America people can encounter the beauty of the mountains, the tropical weather, the beaches, the food, and different languages like Spanish or Portuguese. South America has beautiful coast and crystalline ocean water. In Brazil the Amazon rain forest is the help of the recycling air to the earth so visiting any of those countries will help one to enjoy the liberation of pure goodness and rediscover the pleasure of the way nature preserves Her richest character “life”. Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil culture is so diverse even though they are similar every country and every city visiting in South America will bring their own flavor. Going to Europe, the mix is more extensive. There are more languages to explore than South America. The diversity of food is endless. Eat pizza or pasta in Italy or try the cuisine in France or the famous Paella in Spain. The museums proudly continue the traditions; the culture exhibitions can take anyone to the past or maybe rediscover one’s history. No...
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