My Ideal Home

Topics: Remote control, Door, Rooms Pages: 2 (577 words) Published: December 5, 2012
I would like my house to be a small, double-storeyed detached bungalow, modest by modern by modern standards but a place which will complement my desire for harmonious living. What I have in mind is a building in a gated community on at least ten thousand square feet of land overlooking a slope where I can enjoy the cool breeze, the fresh air and the beauty of a mature garden. My garden will be a riot of colourful blooms- ixoras, cannas, daisies and the flighty birds of paradise irrespective of the season. My garden will be beautifully landscaped with a rock garden, a fountain and a man-made pond where colourful carps dart around merrily. At the back it will be wild. My backyard will be a haven for birds to build their nests on just as there will be the fragrance of flowers to attract the bees. There will be nuts and fruits for squirrels and bats. I will have the best of two worlds within my compound and one component will complement the other. My dream house will be built in the shape of a pentagon with a porch that will accommodate at least two cars, The house will comprise five bedrooms with attached bathrooms, a lounge area for guests and private living room for family members. Besides these, there will be a study-cum-den where I can relax after a day’s work or retreat into my world where even my close ones will have no access. It will be my hideout and haven, and in there I will have my private space. Needless to say, it will be done up in a way that reflects my taste. My house would be tastefully furnished and decorated with contemporary décor Instead of heavy fabric drapes, I will opt for the modern and practical. I will have blinds in pleasant shades instead add a touch of style to every room. The blinds will allow light to filter through so the rooms would have a cheery ambience. There will be Italian-made light fittings that will lend an air of sophistication to the interior. In keeping with the technological age, mine will be a smart...
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