My Ideal Country

Topics: Human, Sociology, Thought Pages: 2 (619 words) Published: November 14, 2012
Paper 2. Essay.

If you were able to create a new country, what kind of society and laws would you wish to see in place and why.

Thinking about an ideal society, it is crucial to take into consideration the laws in which the society will lean. I strongly believe that all humans are the same, that nobody is more important than someone else, no matter if you have money or not, if you think this way or that way. So I would set up laws which will support a free democrat country, allowing people to express themselves and stimulating respect among differences. It is not an easy job to work out a harmonious and fair society; and impossible to have a country with people with a simple ideology. The government has to be very flexible and open minded as the constitution has to apply to all the different realities in the country. There would be a basic religion, the Catholic one, although all citizens will not be forced to choose this religion. I think there should be a basic religion so as to create and stimulate unity between citizens, to enable them to share thoughts and values. All people above 18 years old should have the right to vote, this one should be secret and compulsory. All children must receive an obligatory education, either public or private, up to 17 years old. Children on streets should be taken to a homeless children centre where they should receive education and health. It is of vital importance to educate children and to create a study habit on them. Children are the future of the country and it is very important for them to learn values at the age before 17. Values such as responsibility, the need to work to make your own money, the respect for others, honesty, sincerity, generosity and so on are essential for a well built society. There should be a minimum considerable salary per hour for all the working society. This will motivate people to work and it is not only very beneficiary for the growth and status of the country but also for the health...
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