My Idea of a Professional Teacher

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My Idea of a Professional Teacher

A student is nothing without his/her teacher. Without them we would know nothing and be nothing. The teacher is the one that helps the student understand everything around him/her. The teacher’s pride and glory is to know that he/she helped create a student that would someday live a successful life.

When the word “professional teacher” was said, Sir Camacho comes to my mind. Even though there are a lot of great teachers in Regional Science High School, I chose him because he is a teacher that everyone likes, he is a teacher that is strict but very fun to be with, and he is a teacher that turns something so hard to something very understandable, he is a teacher that understands his students, and helps them in times of need. I remember the first day of being a junior; Sir Camacho was our first subject teacher, I thought he was a very strict teacher that wants every lesson he teaches to be understood by the students immediately, but I was proven wrong. We got along very well and he even shared his experiences to us—his students. Aristotle loves him, he gives us some advices, and we share some secrets with him.

I consider Sir Camacho as one of the great teachers that taught me. He is a man that can be a teacher at the same time a friend. Words can’t be enough to describe how much I’m thankful of him and the great knowledge he shared us. Sir Camacho should really be called Superman.
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