My Idea of Happiness!

Topics: Meaning of life, Positive psychology, Happiness Pages: 1 (396 words) Published: September 8, 2012
The 21 century- the modern era, the age of competition, the time when people want to succeed in all aspects…weather it is academics or business…everyone wants to win the race of life. The idea of a human being to excel in all fields is so firmly entrenched on everybody weather it’s their parents, teachers or it’s simply they wanting to win. This causes people to burn the candle at both ends. Thus, forgetting what the real meaning of life that is to be happy…

My idea of happiness is that every day in life weather it is their good days or bad days a person should be content….satisfied in whatever they have only then can a person live life the way it is meant to life. These days we seldom see a person who is fully content and happy a person who has a cycle wants a bike, a person owning a bike wants a car, the person possessing a car wants a better one…and it goes on and on.. people often fail to realise that for that car they are overworking themselves and they become more and more depressed and unhappy. Luxury is not everything Mahatma Gandhi did not have any car, computers and mobile phones…but still he was happy, content and not gluttonous. Anna Hazare doesn’t have any luxuries still he is happy.

In the toughest of times to be happy all that an individual needs is to see a ray of hope… light in the darkest of situations.. According to me monetary status doesn’t matter at all. A poor satisfied man living in the streets can be happier than a rich materialistic businessman. We can have a lavish dinner in a five star hotel with our co-workers.. but sometimes having food with your family at home makes you feel happier…We can buy 64GB Ipods but sometimes a song on the radio brings a smile on your face This is real hapiness….According to me life is not a ‘battlefield’ as people may call it but wanting more and more from the ‘garden of life’ makes the world a desolate place. My idea of being happy is be content, satisfied and lead a simple life while drinking...
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