My Idea Human Behavior Organization Project

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MY Idea Human Behavioral Organization Project

Dora-Louise Summer

Capella University


The Organization
What human behavioral organization will you be working for?
I would like to seek employment with an behavioral organization called the “FEI Behavioral Health Family Enterprises, Inc. FEI has a thirty year history since 1979 and is one of the largest behavioral health companies in the United States. FEI has two locations the main office located in Milwaukee and another office in New York. The first in behavioral health, FEI established the first network Employee Assistance Program with the Xerox Corporation in 1979, FEI also established the first national managed care program for substance abuse with the General Motors Corporation in 1984, and the first to offer integrated EAP and Work-Life programs in 1990. FEI provides comprehensive services to help individuals improve their life, person and family issues and their behavioral and physical health. FEI is a for profit company that works with corporate customers. FEI help their customers mange crises. A call center is in place to handle inquiries , some customer may assistance representatives and crisis support coordinators to assist. Crisis responders are of service to their customers when needed depeded on geographic area. Crisis Management services has: Family assistance representatives (FAR) on hand to provide services and on site support in the event of an mass disaster support is given to victim families, survivors, and survivors families also providing emotional support, travel and lodging. Crisis Support Coordinator: crisis intervention, individual,group and organization consultation, and support for FEI customers. Family Information Center Counselor (FIC) provides support for survivors and families. All crisis responders must be a Master’s and a state license. FEI Behavioral Health is part of Families International (FI) four organizations (Three of the organizations are nonprofit) that work closely together but each is a separate entity. I see Families International as having a human service as well as a public health model of interventions to social problems and issues used by FEI. I also see the levels of prevention as being primary, secondary and tertiary in their delivery of services,reading from the case studies on FEI’s website services are needed when in the early stages and when a dysfunctional behavior has already been established. Running Head: MY IDEA HUMAN BEHAVIORAL ORGANIZATIONAL PROJECT

Family Enterprises, Inc. operated from its creation in 1979 until July 1, 1992 Family Enterprises was a division of Family Service America (FSA), a national association of over 350 community-based mental health agencies throughout the United States and Canada. To address the needs of corporate customers, FSA reorganized and FEI Behavioral Health became a separate corporation whose purpose is to manage Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), Crisis Intervention and Work-Life Services. These services include but not limited to: elder care referral, substance abuse counseling, in home care, relocation research and support for bereavement, management consultation, organizational training, crisis intervention services also legal and financial consultation. I found the FEI’s website insightful with the easy to get around to other pages and links to Families International’s other organizations which I found very informative

Unique in their industry, FEI was created to support and further the mission of its parent company by providing services and needed resources to agencies which serves families throughout the United States. over the years the mission has expanded to include serving many of America’s largest and best-known companies, their employees and dependents. With a...
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