My Hypothesis

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Investigation into factors that affect recover rate after exercise. What is recovery rate?
A recovery heart rate is a measurement taken to help determine how well your heart is functioning. It refers to the heart's ability to return itself to a normal rhythm after being elevated during exercise. It can be taken in a medical facility after a formal stress test or in a health club setting after you complete some type of aerobic test, or you can take it manually yourself at home. What factors may affect recovery rate after exercise:

* Age
* Gender
* Temperature
* Weight
* Height
* Blood pressure
* Fitness level

Do males have a faster recovery heart rate than females?
I believe that genders will affect the recovery rate after exercise because the male human has always had certain physical advantages over females such as increased muscle mass, larger bones and great aggression / aggressiveness in times where needed. Knowing this I could say that probably in exercising hands would have to put further effort to keep up with the work rate of a male human BEING / TO KEEP THE WORK RATE BALANCED.

The question opposed is whether or not the hearty rate of the male will recover faster than that of the female. My hypothesis is that the males heart rate would fall considerably faster than a female after a certain amount of time participating in intense physical activity. To be honest it is known already that males dominate females in the physical world in most cases. In addition to what I had said earlier males have much larger natural muscle mass, less body fat and a physique that is designed for superiority in the physical world. Therefore it can only be assumed that the most important muscle of all (the heart) would also superior in its performance. What I am trying to insinuate is that after physical activity – males heart reacts / work faster than the heart of a female.

What are the best methods to measure some factors:
| Equipment| Why?|
Resting heart - rate| 1).carotid pulse (neck)2).redial pulse (wrist)Place index and middle finger on either side of neck and count the number of beats per min.* Place index and middle finger on opposite wrist about ½ inches on the inside of the joint in line with the index finger. Count number of beats in one min.| * Not accurate * Relying on yourself * Not precise. It’s possible that you can skip beats.| wight| Same as what u wrote for the | Best equipment|

Recovery rate| Some as best equipment| |

What equipment and methods am I going to use?
| Best equipment| Why?|
Resting hour| Heart rate monitor| We would use a heart rate monitor because it is precise and gives a digital reading. Why it is good to have a digital reading is because you can clearly see the observation.| height| ruler| We would use a ruler because its accurate. However using a ruler is not 100% precise units are small (mm)| Blood pressure| Blood pressure monitor| Accurate and precise| weight| Digital and electronic scale| Accurate and precise| Recovery time| Heart rate monitors (time for one minute record). Then rest for 1 min.Take Heart rate for one minute. repeat steps 1-2 until resting heart rate is achieved| Accurate and precise because it is digital.|

How to measure heart rate
Measuring Heart Rate
Your heart rate can be taken at any spot on the body at which an artery is close to the surface and a pulse can be felt. The most common places to measure heart rate using the palpation method is at the wrist (radial artery) and the neck (carotid artery). Other places sometimes used are the elbow (brachial artery) and the groin (femoral artery). You should always use your fingers to take a pulse, not your thumb, particularly when recording someone else's pulse, as you can sometimes feel your own pulse through...
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