My Hunting Experience

Topics: Hunting, White-tailed deer, Debut albums Pages: 3 (1475 words) Published: October 25, 2012
My First Hunting Trip
On November 15th of 2003, my life changed forever at 5:15 in the afternoon. It was a cool crisp evening and the wonderful smell of nature was around me. I was sitting about 20 feet off the ground and being 9 years old that was a really long ways to me. All of a sudden a rustle of the leaves, a sound I thought I would never hear, finally happened. This was my very first experience in a deer stand. It all started when my dad would show up at home with his trophies that he had killed. I always wanted to be like my daddy, I wanted to be a hunter, fisher, and a firefighter. One Saturday afternoon my dreams finally came true. My dad had gotten up very early to go hunting, when you hunt in the mornings you have to get up and be in your deer stand so that you won’t scare the deer, you have to creep in slowly. He had went hunting that morning and we had a very good piece of land off of Bringle Ferry Road, there have been many nice deer killed in there. Well my dad and the guy he works with lease it together, they both had gone hunting that morning. My dad had seen a few deer that morning but if there are does out there has have to be a buck around chasing them. It is mating season you know. He had a small buck that was chasing some does and he got a good shot and took it. It ended up being a 6 pointer. When you shoot a deer you have to check it in so that the wildlife officers can try to see how much of a deer population we have. Most people around here check their deer in at Hill’s Minnow Farm on Bringle Ferry road that is where all the deer “drama” is. He went to check his deer in and while in the process he was browsing the aisles, and noticed a two person ladder stand. He then decided to purchase that two person ladder stand and take me hunting for my first time. He came home with the ladder stand and proceeded to tell me his plans. Of course I was overjoyed. This was one thing that I have always wanted. Well you can’t hunt out of a tree stand...
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