My Hometown

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My hometown

The name of the city where I spent my childhood is called Senec and it is the second largest town of historic Gemer region, lies 175 m above sea level somewhere in the heart of Europe. It is situated in the west part of Slovakia and it lies on the river Cierna Voda. The first written document concerning Senec dates back to 1332. The history of Senec is connected with an aristocratic family of the Drugeths from Italy. The Drugeths came to change Senec into the center of one of the largest feudal dominions in Slovakia. They ruled for 5 decades until new family from current Hungary took over the power the whole region. The Andrassys started to influence the history of Senec in the 19th century and that period was characterized by economic growth. With the first train in Senec in 1871 started also the development of trade and woodcutting. The construction of a plant for the production of textile and shoes, Chemlon, started the growth of Senec in the 20th century. Senec was gradually becoming also a center of chemical engineering industry. At present Senec is a district town with over 85 thousand people. Its life is rich in cultural and sport events. The most significant town monument is the renaissance Manor house, where the museum is now and gothic church. Near the Manor house there is an old park with an open-air museum of folk architecture. At the edge of the town there are small detached family houses. It is possible to see them from the style they were built that they are old, but also kept in a very good condition. As you travel towards the town center the houses are getting bigger, with beautiful wooden roofs, attics and terraces. The biggest houses are around the square in the center of the town, all decorated in renaissance and baroque style. But the most beautiful part of Senec is the gothic castle and it´s church. Senec is not only a historical city. It is also an important road, rail, air and river transport junction. Senec also houses...
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