My Home Exercise Program

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Keaisha Vernon
August 22, 2012
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My Home Exercise Program
“My Home Exercise Program” is an essay written by Michele Wood, about a health conscious young lady who prefers working out at home than at the gym. She truly believes that this is the one and only way to keep oneself fit, nutritious, and healthy. “Exercise is the best way to combat the battle of the bulge” (Michele Wood). People spend a lot of money on expensive exercise clubs. She also believes it is nothing but just a waste of money. Her personal opinion behind this topic is, start working out at home to get a healthy and fit body with a happy life. For working out at home we have to keep three things in our mind, which are most essential. They are workout clothing (including t-shirts, baggy pants, and shoes), background music, and last but not least duration and frequency of work out. If we maintain these three things consistently, it will be very easy to build up a strong and healthy fitness.

The first significant part of authors program is clothing. Loose fitting and comfortable dress are precise for work out. (Michele Wood) T-shirt and Baggy pants are considered as comfortable fittings. Shoes are also an important part of clothing because they have to hold us up all day long. Many people choose different brands for shoes. While we are working out, water is very important for our body. It really helps crucially to maintain hydration during workouts.

The next part of the authors program is background music, video, and DVD. She owns several terrific video collections that she uses regularly. I want that body; Cardio Blast, Burn plus Abs are some of her favorite videos. She truly believes that background music should be motivational and enjoyable.

The last part of her program is duration and frequency of work out. Many experts recommended that people should exercise thirty minutes at least three days a week. Once we get used to thirty minutes aerobic exercise...
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