My Home by Rizal

Topics: Woman, God, José Rizal Pages: 14 (4579 words) Published: January 29, 2013
to the young woman of malolos
el amor patrio
my home

articles ko.

“Vicente Barrantes’ Teatro Tagalo”
“Una Profanacian” (A Profanation)
“Verdades Nuevas” (New Truths)

in memory of my town
POEMS ko..
1. my first inspiration
2. amor patrio
3. a la juventud filipina

My First Inspiration
Why falls so rich a spray 
of fragrance from the bowers 
of the balmy flowers 
upon this festive day? 

Why from woods and vales 
do we hear sweet measures ringing 
that seem to be the singing 
of a choir of nightingales? 

Why in the grass below 
do birds start at the wind's noises, 
unleashing their honeyed voices 
as they hop from bough to bough? 

Why should the spring that glows 
its crystalline murmur be tuning 
to the zephyr's mellow crooning 
as among the flowers it flows? 

Why seems to me more endearing, 
more fair than on other days, 
the dawn's enchanting face 
among red clouds appearing? 

The reason, dear mother, is 
they feast your day of bloom: 
the rose with its perfume, 
the bird with its harmonies. 

And the spring that rings with laughter 
upon this joyful day 
with its murmur seems to say: 
'Live happily ever after!' 

And from that spring in the grove 
now turn to hear the first note 
that from my lute I emote 
to the impulse of my love.

To the Filipino Youth
By Dr. Jose Rizal

Hold high the brow serene,
O youth, where now you stand;
Let the bright sheen
Of your grace be seen,
Fair hope of my fatherland!
Come now, thou genius grand,
And bring down inspiration;
With thy mighty hand, 
Swifter than the wind's violation,
Raise the eager mind to higher station.
Come down with pleasing light
Of art and science to the fight,
O youth, and there untie
The chains that heavy lie,
Your spirit free to blight.
See how in flaming zone
Amid the shadows thrown,
The Spaniard'a holy hand
A crown's resplendent band
Proffers to this Indian land.
Thou, who now wouldst rise
On wings of rich emprise,
Seeking from Olympian skies 
Songs of sweetest strain,
Softer than ambrosial rain;
Thou, whose voice divine
Rivals Philomel's refrain
And with varied line
Through the night benign
Frees mortality from pain;
Thou, who by sharp strife
Wakest thy mind to life ;
And the memory bright
Of thy genius' light
Makest immortal in its strength ;

And thou, in accents clear
Of Phoebus, to Apelles dear ;
Or by the brush's magic art
Takest from nature's store a part,
To fig it on the simple canvas' length ;
Go forth, and then the sacred fire
Of thy genius to the laurel may aspire ;
To spread around the fame,
And in victory acclaim, 
Through wider spheres the human name.
Day, O happy day,
Fair Filipinas, for thy land!
So bless the Power to-day
That places in thy way
This favor and this fortune grand !

IN MEMORY OF MY TOWN –Un Recuerdo A Mi Pueblo
By: Jose Rizal

When early childhood's happy days
In memory I see once more
Along the lovely verdant shore
That meets a gently murmuring sea.
When I recall the whisper soft
Of zephyrs dancing on my brow
With cooling sweetness, even now
New luscious life is born in me.

When I behold the lily white
That sways to do the wind's command,
While gently sleeping on the sand
The stormy water rests awhile;
When from the flowers there softly breathes
A bouquet of ravishingly sweet,
Out-poured the newborn dawn to meet,
As on us she begins to mine.

With sadness I recall…recall
Thy face, in precious infancy,
Oh mother, friend most dear to me,
Who gave a life a wondrous charm.
I yet recall a village plan,
My joy, my family, my boon,
Besides the freshly cool lagoon, -
The spot for which my heart beats warm.

Ah yes! My footsteps insecure
In your dark forests deeply sank;
And there by every river's bank
I found refreshment and delight;
Within that rustic temple prayed
With childhood's simple faith unfeigned
While cooling breezes, pure, unstained,
Would send my heart on rapturous...
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