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  • Published : February 21, 2013
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Good morning to madam Wan Narmi Aziana and my fellow friends, today I would like to talk about my hobby. Everybody has his or her own hobby. For me, my favorite hobby is music and playing a guitar and of course, listens to music as well. I like Jazz and other genre such as Pop and Classic, because this music creates a unique different feeling when you listened to them. It gives you the feeling of relaxation and has many unexpected tunes that actually very nice to hear from a song, which made me interested and curious to learn it. My love of music began in the first year of my elementary school. Of all musical instruments that exist, I was most interested to guitar. Beside that, I also love to sing. Doing these two activities is the most enjoyable moment of my life.  Ladies and gentlemen,

Back then, I was learning playing a guitar from my late father. He is the one of person was teach me how to play the guitar. My father is a guitarist in his group, when I saw him playing his guitar, I got interested and ask him to teach me the simplest technique how to play a guitar. In a week period, I was able to play one simple song perfectly and I was so happy. Since then, I became more interested to music especially guitar and I started learn playing guitar since I age 12. As I grew older, I spent most of my time in any activity or situation that relate to music. I enjoyed very much the time when I sat alone at my room played a song and sang at the same time. It brought me such a great pleasure for myself, relaxed my mind, gave new inspiration and many other unexpected things, for example inspiration to write my own song.

 Ladies and gentlemen,
As a beginner in guitar playing, I began playing for my parents. As I continue to learn, people started taking notice of my ability to play this instrument. I have learnt from many player guitar, they teach me a lot of skill. As we known the melody “DO..RE..ME..FA..SO..LA..TI..DO” is the basis of technique...
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