My High School Principal's Wife

Topics: High school, English-language films, Marriage Pages: 1 (252 words) Published: November 29, 2011
Antoinette Moore
November 30, 2010

My high school principal’s wife has had a great effect on my life. She is a modest, intelligent, loving, dignified, woman, who loves God, her husband and children. I met her at a choir performance we had at the school. She was the Mistress of Ceremony for the gospel extravaganza. She was full of so much excitement. She did all she can to get the people in the presents of the Lord. I said to myself, I want that anointing. As the days and months went on; I saw that she had a facebook account. I sent her a friend request and after then we have been conversing since then. We often talk about God, what I’m going to do after high school. Her and my mother became kind of close friends. She is one of the reason why I will never give up, as much as I want to sometimes, I refuse to. All because she is always building me up. She use text me encouraging message in the morning to motivate me for the day. This lady loves God with all her heart. She wouldn’t give up living for God for nothing in the world. I have gotten my life together all because of her. I often see all these (want to be preachers) walking around. But I can truly say that she is living what she preaches. That’s how my principal’s wife had an effect on my life.
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