My Hialeah Story

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  • Published : June 5, 2011
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My Hialeah Story

Since I came to live in the United States five years ago, I being in Hialeah all the time, this is my city and my neighborhood. I have found the place where I fell like home a large part of my family lives here and I have found the best people and friends here and full the space left empty when I left my country. In the future I may have to change the city, State or maybe just move to another city but I doesn’t matter where I am Hialeah will always be in my memories and I will never forget it.

A day of May of two thousand and six I have to sadly move out of my country, leaving behind my city my house, family and friends, the school and all the places and the people that I grow up with and spend very good moments, the most precious things for a seventeen years old boy, and before I could realize all this changes I was already in Hialeah, this when my Hialeah story begins. At this moment everything turns very confusing and inacceptable but now I look back and I don’t regret anything, Hialeah it was the place where everybody welcomes me with open hands and smiles, the reunion with my family was a memorable moment, many of them that I haven’t saw for teen years other I didn’t even know personally and other like my parent and my sister I was crazy to hug them an kiss them. When I realize that I have to start a new life I thought it would be hard but actually it was easy in the school everybody was friendly and helpful the teachers great and the school beautiful at this moment I star felling in home or could say better at this new home. With the pass of the time I would notice that in my new hometown I have many things that I didn’t have in the old one and with a short time I star missing less and less until the day of today that in working and living in the same place, all my family lives here I have many friend and a lifetime of memories build around Hialeah my city.

To resume I would say that I’m very happy to...
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