My Hero: Myself

Topics: High school, Vocational school, Puerto Rico Pages: 2 (520 words) Published: September 30, 2012
Myself as my hero

Pedro Juan Muñoz Agrinsoni was born a 4th of june of 1994. He is 18 years old and right now he studies at the University of Puerto Rico. He studies computational math in order to be an actuary in the future. He likes to write poetry, play basketball and listen to music. Also he is a three time academic excellence and was the top student of his classroom of culinary arts on the San Lorenzo Vocational School. And yes, I chose myself as my hero.

You may be wondering, why did I choose myself as my hero? Well it’s simple: because of somethings that define my personality and how I am. The fist one: my good memory. I have always loved and admired the way I can listen to classes, only take notes, never look at the notebook again and still get a good grade in every class. I don’t think I have studied since entering high school and everybody is always surprised at my ability to remember everything that they tell me. That has been one of the things that have most marked my life and personality.

Another thing that amazes me and that I admire of myself is my focus and my will to do it all and to do it correctly. I have had lots of thigth situations in my life, and despite them, I have kept my focus, my calm and do them completely and correctly, always being carefull and trying to not make a mistake. Be it in school, in my house or even playing basketball, it is my focus and my will that make me do things the right way and also win.

The last thing that I admire about myself is my optimism, no matter how bad the situation could be. This is the main reason why I consider myself my hero. I was born with the mustache and also the line and also a line of hair in my back, and throught the years my puberty in terms of hair was accelerated, being so that in 6th grade my whole body had hair. That combined with being fat and really intelligent, made me a clear target for bullying. I was bullied for 4 straight years, in 6th grade and then on high school....
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