My Hero Betty Ford

Topics: Gerald Ford, Richard Nixon, President of the United States Pages: 2 (684 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Everyone has someone they look up to and that they can call a hero. This person doesn’t always have to be a famous person. It can also be a family member like your mom or dad. Not everyone looks at these people as heroes they look up to them because they have personality traits that they admire. My hero is Betty Ford. She is not only a woman that battled through a lot of things and overcame them, but she also raised awareness for these causes after. She is a very strong independent woman and she has done many things to be a hero to many people. After graduating from high school, Betty worked as a fashion assistant for a store in Grand Rapids and taught dance. She dreamed of dancing in New York, but her mother, refused to allow her daughter to move to New York until she was 20. She started her own dance group, worked with handicapped children, and maintained an active social life. She was married two times. Her first husband was Bill Warren and they got divorced because he was on the road a lot and she wanted a family. In 1947, Betty met Gerald R. Ford, a Navy lieutenant who had recently returned from duty to resume his law practice. The young couple dated for a year before getting married. Two weeks later, her husband won election to the House of Representatives. The Ford family expected to stay for one two year term but they remained for 29 years. Betty Ford wanted to be a dancer, a wife and a mother. But she was much more. She was thrust into the public eye when her husband succeeded Richard Nixon as the 38th president of the United States. She suddenly became a celebrity. During her husband’s presidential term she was battling breast cancer. Back then they did not talk about these things publicly, but Betty Ford did. Her willingness to reveal her breast cancer raised the public's awareness of the disease and educated many women about early detection. Breast detection clinics opened nationwide and women lined up for screenings. When they...
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