My Hero

Topics: Agent Orange, Vietnam War, Famine Pages: 2 (540 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Ciarra Brown
English Composition 1
Jai Misir
My Grandfather: My hero
My grandfather is a young man at the age of sixty. However because of the things that he has been through and lived through my grandfather has severe health conditions. My grandfather through his various health problems has stayed strong and continues to smile every day. He is a brave man.

During his first month of college my grandfather was forced to drop out due to being drafted to the Vietnam War. Pop’s worst habit was picked up during the war, smoking. When he tells stories of the war it usually is not much because of the horror he had to see. The one thing he always tells me is that cigarettes were given to the troops with dinner; therefor he picked up this nasty habit and has not dropped it yet. After war it was found that the chemical warfare used during the war has caused cancer known as Agent Orange in many veterans. My grandfather is one of these men. Regularly Pop attends the VA which is the veterans assistance hospital, this is where all war veterans receive medical care whether it is a major health concern or a minor health concern. Along with his cancer my grandfather has arthritis, because of this arthritis he is unable to work. I know this upsets him because of the simple fact that after the war he had made a living by using his hands. ‘ My grandfather was a carpenter from the time he returned from the war until about a year ago when he was forced to stop at the age of fifty-nine. Now with a few months to go until retirement he is always joking about being forced to retire too “soon”. I think he just needs to take a break and relax for once. My grandparents even though they are divorced now both raised me because my mom was so young when she had me that she simply was not ready and I did not know my dad until I turned sixteen. I am grateful for both of my grandparents and thankful that they are both still alive and young. My grandfather has made a significant...
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