My Hell Is Your Ipod Response Letter

Topics: IPod, IPod Touch, Apple Inc. Pages: 2 (655 words) Published: May 8, 2013
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100 Holly House
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Dear Lucy Mangan,

I recently read your article: “My Hell is your iPod”. From your article I learnt that you have a various amount of issues towards iPods and people who use them. You appear to have a lot of hate for these so called “godforsaken” objects, which in fact play a very large part in the lives of many people today and are more useful than you think.

In your article you stated an array of facts, which are untrue and rather biased. You said, “You have bought a pretty box that plays music”. Therefore you are making the assumption iPods are not as sophisticated and clever as people may think. However iPods are capable of many different things other than playing music. The iPods offer a range of activities, which can benefit many. There are applications that are used for educational purposes and applications that allow you to keep in touch with the outside world through messaging and newspapers that available on the iPods.

In addition you said iPods are: “pointless, tedious, deathless objects”. The use of hyperbole suggests you have and issue with those who enjoy such an advanced type of technology. The iPod is not a deathless object nor is it pointless. If this was true there would not be a vast number of 74% of adults between 18 and 40 owning an iPod. Moreover these people can recognize the amount of utility that comes with the iPod and how much thought and technology is used in the making of such an advanced product. The pope himself is also known to have an iPod for himself in whom he listens to classical music and the English radio drama on the life of Thomas St. Becket. Therefore, it is a known fact that there are many utilities to the iPods themselves.

Additionally you also made the assumption that they are a waste of money and break easily and by doing so you stated “Three nanoseconds to break”. This statement is an over...
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