My Hardworking Sister

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  • Published : December 1, 2011
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My Hardworking Sister
My sister is very a hardworking person. First of all, she worked 30-34 hours a week, now she works full time. She works at two Resource centers, in McCloud and Dunsmuir. She helps anyone who calls or comes in to the office. A lot of the time she is the only one in the front office so, she has to take care of everything that needs to be done. Almost every month she has to work on a Saturday to attend a training or event. Additionally there are some evenings such as Family fun night, meetings, or trainings. Second she has been going to college to get her Early Childhood Education degree. She has been taking 20 units each semester for the last two years. Her classes have been in the evenings and online which include teleconferencing and classes on the Weed campus. For one of her classes she had to observe a preschool student eight hours a week for a whole semester. This last June 2010 she graduated from College of the Siskiyous with a degree in Early Childhood Education. Finally, she is opening a daycare. She is turning her home into a daycare center. There has been a lot of paperwork, background checks, and procedures that have to be completed. A lot of time has been spent on the licensing procedures. Her home has to be childproof. Also she is giving up a lot of her privacy because there is going to be lots of people in and out of her house all day during the week. After all this she won’t be working for anyone else. She will now be responsible for the income she gets. There will no longer be any sick days, vacations, or a flexible work schedule. I know her business is going to be one of the sole proprietorships that “make it”. When her daycare opens up she will help children become productive citizens. She really cares about kids and will be a great teacher. All her hardwork that she has done is going to pay off.
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