My Hard Decision

Topics: Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, United States Pages: 2 (439 words) Published: December 6, 2012
A hard decision

Have you ever been in the position of leaving your entire family behind? Well, I have an opportunity to make that choice this coming summer. I have a choice between staying here in the United States and playing baseball for an American Legion Team, The Outlaws, or leaving the US and playing for an Ambassador Baseball Team in the Dominican Republic. This decision is tough considering no one in my family can come along. Also in the sixteen years of my life, I have never been away from my family for an extended amount of time. Mainly, I feel there are three big factors in my decision. These factors are meeting new people with a different background, learning a new language and adapting to a new culture.

First, meeting new people with different backgrounds and getting along with them. When I arrive in the Dominican Republic I will not have many friends. I have the opportunity on meeting new people and playing a sport I love in a whole different country. This is going to be scary because the only people I will have are my coaches and teammates.

Second, is speaking a language different from my native one. I have to learn the language in order to be able to communicate with the others. Most of the people in the Dominican Republic speak Spanish, I do not speak much Spanish so I have to learn more Spanish in order to ask for things I need and to get around, to make some friends.

Finally, getting to know the culture of a different country can be a total adventure. Here we Americans have many celebrations around the year. Since I will be gone during the summer, I will only miss one American celebration. I will be missing the 4th of July. Traditionally, my entire family gets together at one place and we pop a ton of fireworks. While my entire family will be here celebrating together, I will probably be practicing baseball and getting better. I do not know much about the culture, but I doubt they will celebrating the 4th of July....
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