My Growth in Writing

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My Growth in Writing
Faced with the dilemma of choosing my spring semester classes in college, a challenge faced by almost all college students, I was having a tough time deciding which ones that I should sign up for. Finally after much inner turmoil and debate I decided to take EN100, an english class required to be taken sooner or later by almost, if not all, college students seeking a degree. When I first signed up to take english I have to say that I was most definitely not looking forward to taking the class. Throughout my entire life I have never been a good writer and have never enjoyed taking english classes in general. Although it is very hard for me to find motivation to sit down and write papers for class, especially when I don't have something to write about that interests me, I pushed through and produced some quality papers.

Through taking EN100 I have been able to grow in my writing skills and as an overall writer in general. From taking this course I have gained the experience to help me throughout my entire life in no matter what profession that I choose. The quality of my essays that I have written for this course further supports the fact that my writing skills have improved, maybe not as much as I would have hoped, but still they have been slowly improving.

Without a doubt my main strength as a writer would be my ability to write about a topic that has a personal connection to me or a topic that truly interests me. Also I believe that my ability to keep a reader interested in my topic has really improved. An example would be from one of my papers would be "Some people might think that picking out the perfect rod and reel wouldn't be that hard and they are all basically the same right? WRONG!" I think that just adding the word WRONG in all capital letters helps to keep the reader entertained and wanting to keep reading (The Perfect). Writing papers that do not interest me are definitely a whole lot harder for me to write and this shows...
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