My Greatest Failure Case Study

Topics: Management, Decision making, Leadership Pages: 4 (1541 words) Published: December 3, 2012
The major symptom is the experience differences between Mr. Abel and Dr. Bernard. Mr. Abel is based on his detailed knowledge of business, his past experiences about problem solving and his paternalistic actions in managing the company whereas Dr. Bernard is mostly based on his educational knowledge, intellectual reflection and cooperation between the employees.

Moreover, the age difference between Mr. Abel and Dr. Bernhard is very significant. Mr. Abel has no real educational background; he has been working in Media AG for almost his entire career and was involved in different positions, which allowed him to climb in the company hierarchy. On the other hand, Dr. Bernard is much younger and managed to obtain a Master Degree in Engineering as well as a PhD in business studies. This situation is special because the two of them have a very different approach to managing the company as a result of their respective career-paths.

In addition, after Dr. Bernard’s takeover of Mr. Abel’s managing position, three of the employees left the printing house, which is another important symptom, which Dr. Bernard disregarded. Indeed, he believed that those employees left because of reasons unrelated to their jobs.

Besides, Dr. Bernard imposed his management style to his new employees without analysing his predecessor’s approach since he truly believed that his way of managing the company would be a success. He denied the truth about the atmosphere in the workplace, which became tense and uncomfortable and was only concerned about the productivity and efficiency of the workers which remained relatively the same as before.

The main problem, which Dr. Bernard encountered while executing his duties, was that the French employees of his company were used to traditional working methods such as obedience and following orders of their superior. His subordinates never needed to ask themselves questions about their work, they were only told what to...
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