My Greates Ambition

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  • Published : March 10, 2013
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Morris Lurie My greatest ambition Summary The story is an autobiography about the narrator's life when he was a kid. A thirteen year old boy draws comics, and wants to become a comic-strip artist. He calls everybody in his class dreamers, and believes he is the only person who is not a dreamer. When he finishes his first comic he gets a tip from a friend, who tells him to send it to a magazine, which might publish it. So he sends his comic to the magazine, and is asked to make an appointment with Miss Gordon, to see the editor. A week later, he's in the train, counting down train stations in his small good suit. When he arrives, he sees a building which looks like a dull factory, not the impressive building with neon lamps, glass plates and a garden full of exotic plants he had expected. After being disappointed by the building, he met three men in grey suits (Boy magazines' editors) who seemed surprised and very nervous. They discussed the comic for some time, but the moment he had waited for (the job offer) never came. So he drew another comic, but it didn't get published. This was extremely disappointing, so he decided he didn't want to be a comic-strip artist anymore. He himself had now become a dreamer. Characters The boy (Mr.Lurie) Mr. Lurie (the narrator) •Young boy, 13 years old •Confident (his smile) •Smart •Has talent •Wants to be a comic strip artist Randell One of the three men of Boy Magazine •All of them wear grey suits •Stunned by the fact the boy is only 13 •Nervous Doesn't support Lurie, tells him he's a fool, he is only interested in the cheque. His Parents The father The Mother Very proud, does support him. Techniques used The story is an autobiography, and I think its main purpose is to entertain. It is written in first person. Imagery is used quite often, for example when he describes his good suit, or Boy Magazines' building. The author Morris Lurie is the author of this short story. He was born on the 30th of October 1938 in Melbourne,...
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