My Granson Descriptive Essay

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  • Published : February 3, 2013
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My Grandson Drew

Watching any child develop a vocabulary is always fun, but Drew’s robust vocabulary continues to amaze me. Drew is only three years old, but he uses words that are mature. For example, last week Drew went to the grocery store with his mother. Shop Rite just took over another store, so there were crowds of people swarming the aisles. While Drew and his mother were there, a stout, frazzled woman banged into the cart and then just kept going. In response, Drew shook his little head and muttered, “Oblivious.” I was shocked that he had used such an adult word, and I was even more surprised that he used the word correctly. Again last night, Drew proved his adult vocabulary skills. He was watching Are You Being Served? on television with his family. This British comedy uses colloquialisms from England and also uses a dry sense of humor that plays on the meanings of words. When Mr. Rumbold, the supervisor said, “How am I going to get down?” and Mrs. Spooner answered, “Jump off the parapet and flap your ears,” Drew started laughing and exclaimed, “This is so funny. It really cracks me up!” He understood that a parapet meant the ledge by the window and flapping ears meant trying to fly like a bird.

My grandson is like a little midget who loves arts and galleries. I’d take him with me in some arts galleries exhibition. He will take closely in that picture and will take picture of that art and when we get home he will prepare his materials and start painting in what he saw in the exhibition. And what I like most about him is reading books, but even though he is only three years old, he reads fiction and adventure books like Horry Potter and Lightning Thief. When he see a word he don’t know, he will ask question to the older person near him. My grandson is sociable child, he likes to ask questions, and when gets bored he’ll tell you stories about on what he read in the book. When he tell stories he makes facial reactions based on what he...
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