My Grandmother Memoir

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  • Published : December 26, 2011
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          It wasn’t supposed to happen; I’m supposed to have my grandmother still. There was always that time before things got bad, when I had thought she was going to live forever. I can remember that day, like it was yesterday. The sun was glistening, the birds were chirping, and the wind was whispering. I had gotten off the school bus to go to my grandmother’s house. It was my usual routine, every Wednesday I went to see her. When I got to my grandmother’s house I was greeted by Dennis, one of the mentally challenged guys that lived with my grandmother. He gave me a hug and showed me that he was listening to his mp3 player. I looked to see what he was listening to; it was Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash. Johnny Cash was his favourite singer. He started to dance and signed for me to start dancing with him. I started to dance letting my feet glide, following Dennis wherever he went. Dennis started to sing “Do, do, do...” and Dean; the other mentally challenged guy, came around the corner, looked at me, and started to laugh. He walked by with his curious stride and with his hands behind his back. I could hear Tony, my grandmother’s foster boy playing with his Xbox in the other room. He was mocking the sound of a machine gun. He was playing Call of Duty. As I walked in he asked “Charlene, do you want to play with me?” I knew that he wanted to play multiplayer, but I had to go talk to my grandmother. “Not right now bud, I have to talk to your mom first.” I walked out of the room to go find my grandmother. She was in the kitchen making dinner for the boys. She always had an early dinner. “Hi nanny.” I asked. “Hi dear, how was your day? I am just making dinner for the boys; you can help yourself if you want anything.” “My day was good. We had an assembly today and I don’t have very much homework.” “That’s great, I am glad everything is going good.” My grandmother put all of the food into the boy’s bowls and called for them to come and eat. The strong smell of pea soup...
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