My Grandmother


My essay is about my grandmother, because she was a Great role model in my life. She was highly educated; also
was a devoted Christian. My grandmother was a single
mother maintained a house of seven kids.

My role model Katie Mae Wright was a wonderful
woman. She was a strong person who taught me
everything I know. She was a mother of seven, always
Had a positive attitude, and my best friend. I feel that
my grandmother was a sweet and fair lady. She was
very friendly, and tried to get along with everyone.
She would give her last if someone was in need. My
grandmother fed the hungry, donated clothes, help
people find jobs, and take care of kids. The whole city
loved my grandmother dearly. She did not have many
possessions, but she would give her all and never
complain. I can remember, when I was younger, we use
to have cookouts, big play days, and just hanging out
enjoying my grandmother company and she enjoyed
mine. She taught me values, how to care and love
others. Basically, she showed me how to become a
young woman. I wish she was here today, so that I
could thank her for everything she has done for me.
I am truly blessed to have had her be apart of my life.

Katie Wright attended boarding school. After
high school she went to Alcorn University. She
graduated with a degree in teaching and began
working at Alcorn for four years. She was not
satisfied, so she went back to school for nursing.
She obtained her L.P.N. degree, from thereon,
she started nursing people back to health.
Eventually , she became a health care giver.
I can remember when I would have trouble,
comprehending in class, she would sit me
down and explain everything. I would get
excited when she tutored me. Education
was very important to my grandmother;
she truly believed education was the key
in successful future.

Katie Wright was a devoted Christian.
She was a member of Carver Desire...
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