My Grandma

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My Grandma
I grew up living through several life crises not knowing what to do about them, only that my grandma could make things better. My grandmother is the heart and soul of my huge family. At age six, my parents divorced and my mother got remarried, leaving my siblings and I behind to my half sister and grandmother’s care. The day I turned seven, my father passed away, leaving behind my eleven siblings and I. Although my dad had passed away, my grandma always said “it’ll be okay. You all still have us.” My mother signed paperwork making my half sister our legal guardian. Before she left, she told my siblings and I: “You are all like your dad. You won’t get anywhere,” but she was wrong. Because of my grandma’s pushy attitude, we’ve made it far in life, without my mom. Since then, she and my grandmother have been raising us. Grandma is gorgeous. She is short with snow white hair-covered by a hat. Her eyes glow and are beautiful in the light. My grandmother is my biggest inspiration. She encourages my family to always “step it up” and improve our lives. She has always put my family first and searched for the best in us and for us.

Grandma is the only person I can run to when I need anything. She is the only person that understands me when I’ve been in a bad mood. She spoils me with love and care. Because I am the youngest of my sisters, she gives me almost anything but depends on me for everything. I hope she lives until I grow old.

Despite the difficulties in life, my grandmother only encouraged us to only strive for the best. My grandmother taught me how to sew and design. She always yelled at me: “You won’t learn anything. See you’re already messing up.” My replies were always ‘I’m still learning.” As I learned, she started to show her appreciation for me more and more. Yet, she and I share a bond that will never be broken.

Grandma always taught me how to appreciate things and to value family and education. She usually said, “When I was little,...
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