My Grandfather

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  • Published : November 7, 2010
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I miss him, a person who always had couple of big round glass, a blue T-shirt, a person who always had a tobacco pipe, sitting under the sunshine and a person who always told me interesting story to make my fall asleep when I was a child. I really miss him, my grandfather. In some sense, he is the person I admire most. To begin with, my grandfather is very brave. He was a policeman. His team was ever asked to catch a ruffian with gun in the central road of our city. Due to the crowed public around, it was very dangerous to keep the ruffian. Accidently, my grandfather saw the ruffian stay near him. It was a good chance to catch the ruffian, because the ruffian did not notice my grandfather. Hence, my grandfather, with 50-year-old age, struggled to catch the ruffian without considering his safety. Finally, he was successful to get the ruffian, but he was got hinted also. I inspired by his behavior. What I learned from him is I should have passion to my work and be brave when I face any kinds of problem. The problem related to life is the most difficult and conflict problem for everyone. However, my grandfather chose to protect public instead of considering his own safety. I was proud of him. And under his influence, I become more clam when I meet trouble. Moreover, my grandfather is not only my grandfather, but also my best friends. Indeed, he is very fair towards every family member. When I was a child, my mother attempted to make me to know more and more interests, like piano, dance, draw and something, which actually I do like. I felt uncomfortable about my mother’s action and always had conflict with her about this. When my grandfather noticed these things, he asked my mother and me together to talk about our own idea. I gave some reason that I was not interested in piano or something what my mother pressed me to do, while my mother said she thought these were the necessary skills, a perfect person must have. My grandfather worked like an arbitrator. He...
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