My Grandfather’s Orange Grove

Topics: Orange, Fruit, Citrus Pages: 2 (543 words) Published: December 22, 2012
My Grandfather’s Orange Grove

My grandfather was surely a diligent and decent farmer who had deep affection for me and his orange grove as well. As long as I memorize him, the image of the orange grove would be evoked in my mind subsequently. Though eventually his orange grove has been destructed as a result of a mandatory demolition, which aimed at promoting industrial productivity via expanding a local steel factory, the vivid impression of its sourness and sweetness would never fade away just like my loving grandfather. The orange grove rendered me a magical childhood. It located closely in front of my home, and was about the size of half a football field. To be sure, I still remember the first time I saw it flowering that was definitely miraculous and eye-catching. The day before it blossomed the orange trees had have not leaked any information. However, the orange grove were in full bloom with lovely and numerous flowers as if each plant was dressing a snow-white skirts. When I opened the door and saw the orange grove blossomed all of sudden, the satisfaction of sightseeing and freshness of smell thus made it a paradise. The orange grove flowered at the early summer and fruit late fall when the trees produced a vast number of delightful oranges that allowed the family to get rid of poverty. Every October was a cheerful but fretful time for my grandfather since his oranges were so juicy and tasty that the grove tempt thieves one after the other. Eventually my grandfather figured out a way and made up his mind to live in the grove to shield his treasured fruit. It is exhausting for my grandfather naturally, however, he felt really happy as long as the thieves were gone and the oranges haven’t decreased any more in the end. On the contrary, life could not be more joyful for my childhood every October when I climbed trees to get larger and tastier oranges, played games with friends and enjoyed the endless delicious fruit together. Unfortunately, the orange...
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