My Graduation Speech

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  • Published : December 8, 2012
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To our jolly yet strict and much respected director, Rev. Fr. Ramoncito Manio Vicente; to our most dynamic principal, Mrs. Susana V. Edrosolo; to the ever patient and hardworking faculty members; to our beloved parents and guardians; to our relatives, friends, to my fellow graduates and school mates; ladies and gentlemen a gorgeous evening to all!!! :) As we gather here tonight, we will witness the dream that was reached, the dream that is not the end but only the beginning of all the hardships, trials and obstacles that we have encountered. When this night ends, we will face a new tomorrow and will lead to the better future ahead. This night marks the end of our arduous study for four years as high school students. Let’s go further like a game says, “Move on to the next level” which is a time to face a new phase of our lives, the tertiary level of education, being a college one. I would like to take this opportunity to thank first GOD our Father who gave me strength to accomplish well my task and for this wonderful gift of Him that I have. His Son Jesus Christ who always stays by my side and keeps me away from harm. His mother Mary for always granting my wishes whenever I called her and the Holy Spirit who enlightens me to become a better person than before. This event reminds me when I graduated as a valedictorian in elementary. A little bit nervous that time but I felt so much pressured today. Honestly, it is difficult to achieve one’s goal sans working hard. As I have experienced, I came on loosing and I came on winning. When you have a skill then enhance it for you to grow your personality but if you don’t, you can’t achieve what you want. I prove to myself that perseverance is better than intelligence. I just want to acknowledge the people who had been part of my journey for four years of my adventurous studying in my Alma Mater, here in St. Anne Academy. My teachers, for being our second mother, you’ve shared great good things not only on teaching inside...
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