“My God Experience”

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  • Published : March 4, 2012
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When I was about 13 years old, all I do is have fun and think of myself, I was selfish, naughty and ungrateful of the things which surrounded me. But it all changed in a blink of an eye. Our house burned down on Feb.4, 2008 and my Grandfather died on March 6, 2008 due to colon cancer. This sequence of events, awaken me from the depths of my blindness to reality. And those incidents changed my life and my views in life; I have opened my heart and mind to God. Who never ceased to abandon me and my family in times of problems and difficulties. Because of those incidents a lot in my personality changed as well my views in life, I have become more responsible of my action I am aware of the problems of our family and most especially that was the point where I have experience God’s strongest presence in my life. I have never felt God as strong as how I felt that moment it was like his beside us. Compared to how we used to live it was very different we used to always have enough but after everything that had happened it all vanished and so in starting a new life we have to start from nothing to something. In the beginning it was hard especially seeing my Father suffer everything or rather doing all the hard work and we also happen to experience it but not as heavy as the duty done by our father there was a lot of time that God never ceased to abandon us and showed us that even though in our up’s and down’s he will still be with us in one incident we ran out of money to buy food but with our family and my father’s faith in God, a considered miracle or rather blessing from God happened it was 10 in the evening our father looked for money but when the time he hovered back he approached us with a “pancit bihon” in a plastic bag he told us that on his 3rd passenger a generous woman gave him 200 pesos in payment to his service of getting her to her destination safely even though the destination of the woman was not that far, we considered it as a Blessing in disguise. And that...
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