My Goals to Become a Nurse

Topics: Registered nurse, Nursing, Wage Pages: 2 (684 words) Published: November 6, 2011
What Nursing Means to Me

How the nursing field chose me and the meaning of the nursing field. My work got me started in the nursing fielding. It is hard going back to school and study nursing. The starting salaries for most registered nurses.

People have many goals in life they want to achieve. The last three years there is one important goal I would like to achieve. Over the next two years of my life I would like to achieve my goal of graduating with an Associate Degree in Nursing. Getting my degree is something I am enthusiastic about and did not really realize I wanted to do until I got into the nursing field. I have worked the last thirteen years as a Certified Nurse Aide (CNA). I have experienced a variety of patients; in nursing homes I have mostly dealt with the Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients. The last six years I have worked for a Nursing Agency in Gainesville, GA. Working for the agency has given many opportunities that many CNA’s do not get to experience. I have worked med-sur unit, orto-nero unit, detox center, mental health unit, home health care, and care for people with special needs. This experience has helped me decide what field to work in after graduation. It can be difficult most days but at the end of the day it is very gratifying to know you have helped someone with their needs. You can have many different patients to care for at one time which is hard to do. I am caring toward my patient’s and want to assist with their medical and personal needs. If I have made just one person day better when do not feel good then I have met my goal; this is the main reason for me becoming a nurse. I have a second reason for becoming a nurse and that’s for my family. I plan to achieve my second goal by working hard and staying focused on the reward at the end of school I am going to need to study many hours to retain the knowledge, to attain this goal of mine, will take being organize, create plan of study, and planning free time. My...
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