My Goals for My Senior Year

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  • Published : September 18, 2011
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Three Goals for My Senior Year
My three goals for my senior year are to save money, get involved, and graduate. I need to save my money for my senior dues, prom, and other important things that are going to go on this year. I want to get involved in school this year with sports, activities, and volunteering for things. This will all lead up to the most important one of all graduating and being successful. So now I’m going to tell you how I plan on doing all of this by the end of the school year starting with saving money.

My first goal is to save my money. This is very important because I have so many things to do for my senior year. Like one important thing is my senior dues, these are very important because I have to pay them to graduate. Another reason is because for my senior year there are a lot of activities that I want to participate in because they are going to be very memorable like for instant prom, homecoming, and supporting our teams at their games like football and basketball etc. Which participating in all of these will help me with my next goal which is getting involved?

My second goal is to get involved with school. One thing I want to get involved with is school activities. I also want to volunteer this year and help as much as I can. The reason I want to get involved with activities and volunteering this school year is because this is my last year. Also cause I haven’t participated in anything throughout any of high school. This is all going to lead up to when I graduate it will look better.

My third goal is to graduate high school and become successful. This is the most important goal because graduating is the most important thing to me this school year. When I graduate i want to go to college and be successful. Also graduating is very important to me because I have all my family supporting me, this helps a lot with everything that is going to happen this school year because I know that I’m not doing it alone. Also I know that I will...
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