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  • Published : April 9, 2013
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Midterm Essay
Jennifer Hoskins
SOCS-102 Principles of Sociology
Julianne Lewis
February 2, 2013

What are my goals? My goals are to become a Medical Administrative Assistant by August 2014. By no later than September 2014 I hope to be working in one of the three hospitals in Wichita, Kansas. They are Wisely Medical Center, St. Joseph via Christi, and St. Francis via Christy. After this I hope to take the test to be a Certified Medical Assistant by no later than January 2015. By 2016 I want to become a Registered Medical Assistant. By 2017 I hope to take the test to become a National Certified Medical Assistant and by 2018 I hope to take the test to become a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant. This is where I want to find myself in the next five years. I know that this is a pretty tight schedule. But if I keep this in mind and look at it all the time then I find myself making these goals come true for me and my family.

I am glad I have taking the time to find Bryant and Stratton College. Not only did they have what I was looking for in a College but they have something I found after I start classes and that is the caring of student and there success. I have experiences a lot at Bryant and Stratton College. I have learned how to set goals and maintain time management. I have also learned how to take a breath and ask a question when I am stuck. I have learned how to take stress and turn it around to be positive and know that there is always a student or teacher, or even an academic advisor there to help and answer all questions. Being at Bryant and Stratton College reminds me of a close family that is there to help you succeed in life. The one thing I really like in having the tracking calendar. This shows me that I can stay ahead of my classes in knowing what to expect the next week. I have learned that having discussion form help the teachers know where you are having trouble at and how to help you from stressing yourself out.
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