My Goals

Topics: Academic degree, Qur'an, Doctorate Pages: 2 (684 words) Published: February 20, 2008
My Goals, My Dreams, My Ambitions

Have you ever asked yourself "Why am I here, in this life?", "For whom do I live?", "What are my goals and my dreams?", "What can I do in this huge world?". I have asked myself these questions many times, and found many answers, which lead me to a lot of goals and aims. My goals are: taking the driving license and having my own car; continuing my higher education; working as a translator in my own office; and finally, getting married and having a happy family.

First of all, I wish to get the driving license and have my own car because of several reasons. I live in Al Yahar village, which is a far place from my university. This forces me to come to the university by bus. Moreover, the bus times are not suitable for me, and sometimes I miss it. In addition, taking the driving license today has become easier because of the changed rules, so I need it for entertainment. Also, my father will buy me the car I want immediately after getting the driving license. Indeed, I wish to have the driving license and the car now.

Secondly, my educational goals are graduating and continuing the higher education by getting Bachelor, Masters and PhD degrees. I hope to get all of these degrees with distinction, and of course, that will happen by following certain steps such as studying hard, managing my times and tasks. In addition to these, the most important step is being obedient to God by praying on time and reciting the Holy Quran, so God will protect and help me. Also, there are now some situations and conditions that force me to be a head in all my classes. For example, I have a scholarship in my university and that requires me to be always near the top and get above 3.6 . Therefore, this pushes me to be successful and industrious. As soon as I get the Bachelor's, I will take the Master's and then the PhD degrees in my major, Translation. Therefore, I have decided to be excellent and superior in my studies and to continue learning...
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