My Goal in Life

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Like all other human beings, it's a necessity to have a goal in life. A grand plan. The big picture of what you're wishing to have lying ahead of you in the future. The thing you wish to be involved in, breathe in, bathe in, sleep in, live in, under, over, next to. It varies. From one person to the next. But the tragedy (or Unlike most wandering souls, my wishes are fairly simple. Or so I thought up till now. It's not really something altruistic nor devoid of any intricacy. It's simple. As in simple terms. Elementary. But deep in its core it's deeper in substance and large in quantity than all the universes we know combined. Now it sounds big. I am just.. talking bullcrap to avoid the essential, to get away.. to try to sneak away from answering the question.

Did I succeed?

Fuck no.

Just go straight ahead, chica. Fine. All I want in my life... is to be happy. That's it. I want to experience this serene, clean emotion. I want to feel fulfilled and satisfied, no matter what and when that means. That's it. It all boils down to this. No matter what the cost, this is it. Everything else is trivial and it's already been said before. I'm not claiming this hasn't. It has. All the time, in all shapes and forms. But putting it plainly is just a sign of rebellion against everyone's attempt to twist it into something else. Sure you're trying to personalize it folks.. but it is what it is. You guys are being specific. I am being general. May be it's that too.
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