My Genome My Self

Topics: Genetics, DNA, Human Genome Project Pages: 2 (820 words) Published: December 11, 2011
In Pinker’s My Genome, My Self, he gives us the background on what to most of us is a new subject. This is the Personal Genome Project (PGP), which is looked at very close in this essay. Pinker explores the mind and describes to us how important and interesting it would be to expand on our knowledge about genomics.

In the beginning of Pinker’s essay My Genome, My Self, he decides to talk about the job of being a psychologist. Although this is very informative and interesting, it does not completely relate to this essay directly. Instead, Pinker could have better expanded on how early the field of personal genomics is. This would have been very helpful if he focused on this subject more, giving us a better background understanding to this exclusive field of study. This essay was so in depth at points that it would have been easier to read with background information on certain subjects that he just very quickly brings up and starts telling us facts about whichever matter he’s discussing. For instance when he says, “In 2008 President Bush signed the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act, outlawing discrimination in employment and health insurance based on genetic data.” Many of us were not aware that there were certain professions that looked at your genetic data. He should have explained what these jobs were that did look at this background information. Pinker also could have told us about particular instances where a person was discriminated against because of their personal genetic data. Although Pinker’s essay, at most point, was very in depth, there were points where he needed give us more simple information which would have given us a better understanding to some of the facts he presented.

Through Pinker’s work it is clear that he is a very intelligent man, far more intelligent than most people. With this being true it is also known that Pinker is a psychologist who experiments with this type of study often and that the study of personal...
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