My Gen

Topics: Family, Mobile phone, Generation Y Pages: 2 (727 words) Published: May 1, 2013
My Generation
My generation includes people who were born between 1981 and 2000, and this generation is characterized by technology and independence. I definitely fit into this generation because I have always been attracted to new developments in technology and from very young I was very independent; this generation is characterized for being the first to have access to new technology such as cell phones and personal computer. For example, I remember when Nokia announced the first cell phone, and all my friends wanted to have it regardless that no one could call anyone because not everyone had cell phones and the service was expensive. Also, this generation is characterized by more independent students. For example, it was pretty normal for people of my generation to go to school alone, or to have the responsibility of holding the keys of our homes because our parents were working. In fact, people of my generation had to live with uncles or grandparents, so they would not have to wait alone at home until their parents arrived. Therefore, we always used our own resources to do it all by ourselves. Meanwhile, my father’s generation experienced dramatic shifts in educational, economic and social opportunities. First, this generation was actively involved in promoting equal rights among races and genders, but they did not fully realize the goals of their youth. Second, this generation was faced with the challenge of raising their children and at the same time caring for their children and aging parents. In fact, parents of my father’s generation were the primary caretakers for their children and aging parents. However, in my father’s generation compared with previous generations, more young adults pursued higher education or relocated away from family to pursue career and educational interests. For example, my father and some of his peers immigrated to United States to pursue a better opportunities for their family. Also, this action represented challenges and...
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